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Hi, I'm Tim Tanida 👋

I'm a Solo Entrepreneur.

  • 🇩🇪🇯🇵German-Japanese nationality
  • Catalan flagbased in Barcelona, Spain
  • 💼Freelance Machine Learning & Software Engineer
  • 📧

My Journey to Becoming a Solo Entrepreneur

My foray into the world of AI began at the Technical University of Munich, where I pursued a Master's degree in AI and computer vision. I've always liked the idea of using tech to improve people's lives, which led me to specialize in AI for medical applications. For my Master's thesis, I developed an AI model capable of generating medical reports from chest X-ray images (think chatGPT for radiologists). This work was eventually published as a scientific paper at CVPR, one of the world's leading AI conferences. For those interested in diving deeper, you can find the paper here.

After graduating, I took a position as a data science consultant in Munich. There, I was involved in implementing various AI use cases across different sectors. Meanwhile, as a personal side project, I started just for fun. Over time, this project grew from a hobby into a passion. Juggling the demands of my consulting job with the development of felt like having two full-time jobs - intense, to say the least!

Eventually, after realizing that the workload was unsustainable, I made the decision to dedicate myself fully to I transitioned into freelancing, moved to Spain, and began working on full-time. I'm excited to see where this journey takes me and am grateful for the opportunity to work on something I'm truly passionate about.